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What I Just Read: The Whisper Man by Alex North (A Book Review)

Updated: Jan 12

I read The Whisper Man by Alex North along with the TBR Book Club members and I loved it.

In the first chapter I became vested in the main characters: widower Tom and his young son, Jake. Reeling from death in the family, faced with moving, and a small town serial killer, the lives of these characters unfolding had me rapidly turning the pages to see what was coming next.

I read this book from cover to cover within twenty four hours. I just couldn't put it down. With it's believable characters, isolated setting, protagonists in constant peril, several red herrings, and strong memorable ending, this is one suspense you don't want to miss. I recommend this book for lovers of criminal drama and thrillers. Some nice butterfly symbolism here too. The theme is clear throughout the story on several layers, "Everything ends where it begins." ☮

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