When my nostalgia crashed into my infatuation with the truth in hindsight, memories and life lessons learned with the brave, fun, and beautiful people I once knew in the late 1980s came to life again on the pages of my rollicking women's memoir, Of School and Women. A blend of fact and fiction, memoir and history, this story promises to educate and entertain! Read my freewheeling narrative of two coeds striving to get ahead and find love in 1980s Florida.

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Enter a world before smartphones and computers, when information traveled via television, radio, juke boxes, and pay phones. Showing up was the only way to make friends and find jobs. The news was filled with the Iran Contra Affair and the War on Drugs. Airports had no Transportation Security Administration (TSA). And college students completed assignments on paper with typewriters.


This is the world of two badass undergrads -- one cautious, one impulsive, both a mix of grit and vulnerability. They’ve learned that life is messy, and they’re determined to clean it up by finishing school. Whether their affirmations come from Shakespeare and Einstein--or maybe even prayer and clergy--, they are under the influence of pop culture, nature, and their own snappy catchphrases.  A favorite? If you can’t be good, be careful.


Their freewheeling experiences, almost farce but grounded in reality, are the heart of this near-miss narrative that not only entertains, but intimately sheds light on serious women’s issues, working student issues, and the trials of adulting and finding love. This book reminds us about the importance of friendship and laughter, and especially about how anyone can be one weak moment away from falling victim to scams or a life-altering mistake. 


This life lessons book is based on the author’s real life experiences during her early twenties, when she attended Florida State University (FSU), and bartended at the Tallahassee Airport.  

SYNOPSIS: When socializing in person is the norm, and two first generation college women can’t rely on electronic communication to make friends or find jobs, they show up.  Leaving their tumultuous pasts behind, they move to Florida’s capital city in search of new career opportunities.


Lynette Autry, on the brink of a new life, moves into the projects, registers for school, and finds a job bartending at the airport. Balancing it all drives her to despondency, until a late-night serendipitous meeting with nurse and pre-med student, Marie Martinez, whose friendliness is contagious. Youthful follies ensue.  Someone falls prey to a too-good-for-true-opportunity. And together with Dillan, a piano playing aircraft mechanic and Fr. Juan, a Catholic parish diaconate, they become part of the spirit of a larger community, when adversity changes to resilience. And helping each other, laughter, love, and self-acceptance prevail.



Of School and Women is available in paperback and e-book at Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon, and BookLocker. Make your purchase here:









Purchases made directly from the publisher BookLocker are most appreciated!

Praise for Of School and Women:

"A fresh and realistic slice of 1980s Americana."

--C.J. Pearson, Author

"Without the crazy hair, this book has a genuine 80s vibe, quotes from Reagan era news broadcasts, and music references that will get you in the groove! Beautifully written friendship story about facing the anxieties of adulting; it's about empowerment, forgiveness, and friends being each other's missing puzzle piece."

--Paula C. Deckard, Author

      "This book captures the pre-technology spirit and culture of the 1980s. While serious themes are given a spotlight in this narrative, I assure you it is fun and entertaining. The two adventurous main characters and situations they find themselves in are very relatable. The story progresses to a satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended!"

-- Jennifer Cyphers, Librarian/Author

       "Well written and suspenseful story that took me back in time and captured my attention from the very beginning with lovable characters, who come to life and blend beautifully together. Sensitive subjects are addressed with great thought and care, that were not only topical in the 80s, but are also prevalent today."

 --Erika Crosse, Teacher/Author

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