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What I Just Read: D.S. Marquis' Book Review of I Promised I Would Tell by Sonia Schreiber Weitz

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, I remember Sonia Schreiber Weitz with this video book review of her story, I Promised I Would Tell...

I Promised I Would Tell by Sonia Weitz is a powerful punch of nonfiction. The book is Ms. Weitz's testimony and poetry during the Holocaust. From the Krakow Ghetto at age 12 to freedom at Mauthausen at age 16, this book is both a factual and poetic survivor story. In one hundred pages, Weitz tells this story in her own words and where the atrocities grow too large to bear, she relies on poetry to get her message across.

Lovers of history, memoir, and poetry this one is for you. I highly recommend this book. The message in it is simply, don't forget what happened in Germany during WWII and don't forget all those beautiful people who suffered and lost their lives, and don't forget the people who helped to save them.

I started reading this book after dinner. I couldn't put it down. I finished it before bed. Then I stepped outside in the snow to let my dog out. Wrapped in my warm coat I pondered on how Sonia, and millions of others had to walk and stand in the snow with no coat at all from 1939-1945, and I cried.

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