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What I Just Read: D.S. Marquis' Book Review - Of Dreams and Angels by Jared Morrison

Updated: Jan 11

OF DREAMS AND ANGELS by Jared Morrison is a charming, unforgettable, comical, yet consequential story about the mystery and potency of love.

In the first chapter, I fell in love with the timeless protagonist, Joe Riley, a practical finance professional whose adult life has been ruled by logic until he unexpectedly finds himself lost in matters of the heart and soul. And while he gets drawn into the mind and spirit of a stranger in his dreams, I got drawn into his mind and spirit in this story. He feels that “he can’t escape the feeling that he’s been transported somehow.” And it is this affliction that kicks off the romantic comedy.

Morrison adds some fun witty colleagues with keen banter, a loveable family, and a wise old friend. As for the setting, I enjoyed the sights and sounds of nature while joining the protagonist on hikes through the Canadian Rockies and the countryside of the UK, along with the big city sights and sounds of London. At times, this story reminded me of what would happen if you mashed up Adam Sandler’s movie 50 First Dates with a Meatloaf performance of Jim Steinman’s song Objects in the Rearview Mirror They Appear Closer Than They Are.

Morrison uses words in such a beautiful way that I really felt connected to the characters and their situations. He’s a master of descriptive language as evidenced by the following quote, “He listened to the discussion of leaves in trees as the wind nudged them toward the denouement of their little lives. Satin suede drapes of stars revealed themselves.”

As for themes in this book, there are a few. The story emphasizes the importance of love, respect, friendship, family, and community along with the idea that our realities are born from our dreams and built with our actions by us and the people with whom we invest our time. The chapters are short with cute titles. The timeline is approximately a year (1999-2000). While there are comical parts, be sure to grab a box of tissues, because you’ll need them for the sad parts. This book made me feel a gamut of emotions.

I applaud the author and his debut. “One shot is all we get, so don’t you think it’s important to aim.” (Joe Riley Ch. 3) Well, Morrison aimed and shot dead center with Of Dreams and Angels. Readers, you don’t want to miss this one! Buy your OF DREAMS AND ANGELS copy today and join Joe on his journey. You can purchase the book on

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