Vote OF SCHOOL AND WOMEN Nonfiction Book Winner 2022

Bring new readers to a hard-working author and place your vote by Oct. 15, 2022.

Nonfiction Book Award Polls are open at the Kindle Reader's Choice Book Award Contest. Vote Of School and Women for nonfiction book winner 2022. Your vote could bring new readers to a hard-working author. Besides that, placing in or winning a book contest is an author's dream come true. It's simple and it'll only take a minute.

All you have to do once you click the voting link is:

1. Type Of School and Women by D.S. Marquis in the comments.

2. Type your email address and submit.

Bonus: Enter the Raffle to WIN a $150 Amazon eGift Card. (If interested, raffle form can be found by scrolling above the comment section.)

Voting link is here:

Vote Non Fiction 2022 | The Kindle Book Review

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