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The Emerging Author Chronicles: The Manuscript and Work that Follows Completion

Updated: Jan 12

Somewhere between drafts five and six my manuscript could stand on its own.

There was a hauntingly familiar labor and delivery that occurred somewhere between drafts five and six, when my manuscript took on a life of its own. It began to get more attention some days than my kid or my dog. In fact, I sent it to an editor and that cost me more than taking my kid to the pediatrician and taking my dog to the vet combined. It has a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I bought it two thick Writer’s Publishing Guidebooks. I’ve sent eighty four query letters out on its behalf. I built it this website, and I didn’t even know how to build a website. I had to educate myself on YouTube on the matter. A big shout out to great channels: Greg Gotfried, Scott Gardiner's Technical Services, and The Wixpert: Wix Website Designer. Their great videos guided me through the process.

With the website published, I began considering insurance for this manuscript. It’s called professional media liability insurance. I'm in the process of filling out that application. Then there’s the print license. The manuscript has song lyrics in it that can't be published without one of those. The good news is, it was approved by the Song’s Copyrighter and I’ll be signing the agreement and making payment for that soon. Did I mention the waiting? I wait a lot for the manuscript. Especially, I wait for the email from an agent that’s not a rejection. I did get one hopeful email in December that said, “I’m interested in reading your work, but I’m too busy right now. Email me in February.”

Meanwhile, I’ve changed. Oh, how I’ve changed since I completed my manuscript. On one hand, I’ve changed civilly into a rising author as evidenced by my $100 emerging author membership to the Author’s Guild. On the other hand, my manuscript is a brass ring, and I have become J.R.R. Tolkien’s Gollum swinging savagely between hope and disappointment or on some days between passion and delusion.

The word of the day is obsession. This manuscript has become an obsession. I wonder if other writers feel this way? Stay tuned for my next blog post coming out mid-January entitled, "Reinvention". I’m the manuscript mom, signing off for now. Peace to All in 2021.

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