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🍀Play Leprechaun, If You Dare

While I’m thinking green for Saint Paddy’s day, and still waiting for word from publishing agents, I’m sharing a wyvern dragon I painted on my kids’ wall many years ago. I used to love to paint and draw and how suitable to share this green mural on a green theme of a day. Saint Patrick's Eve was always one of my favorite times because I used to love playing Leprechaun for my kids. From putting book bags in the oven, to hanging pictures upside down, and hanging stuffed animals from the ceiling fan, my kids always loved the mischief of the leprechauns.

One snowy March for one of my middle schoolers, who would only sport one pair of his favorite jeans, despite my efforts to encourage a change of clothes, I hung those pants outside in a tree, hoping he’d opt for a different pair. But nope, he trucked outside there at 6:30 AM to get them down. I can still see the expression on his face when he spied them hanging through the kitchen window.

Then during the high school years, I once moved my teenager’s car down the street and painted shamrocks on the windows. “Mom, I think someone stole my car.” Oh the pleasure I derived from driving my teens crazy in sweet revenge for all the times they drove me there! Have fun today! Play Leprechaun, if you dare!🍀

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