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A D.S. Marquis Book Review of Last Bank Holiday by Christina Delmonte

Updated: Jan 11

A strong debut with compelling characters!

LAST BANK HOLIDAY by Christina Delmonte is a well written and suspenseful psychological drama that kept me engaged on every page. The story opened with a strong flashforward, and then I was taken on a journey of the aftermath of a horrific crime from the point of view of the protagonist Karen, a mother, a wife, and a caregiver for her mum with Alzheimer’s Disease. Delmonte’s characters are believable and strong. She portrays the epic flaws of greed, pride, and revenge in her portrayal of the wrong doers, who get what they deserve in a satisfying tragic ending. Fast paced, the plot surprised me with a big rabbit hole and when I had speculated one twist, I read even faster to find out if I was right. I highly recommend The Last Bank Holiday for anyone who loves reading suspense.

Last Bank Holiday is available on Amazon.

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