OF SCHOOL AND WOMEN SYNOPSIS:  When socializing in person is the norm, and they can’t rely on electronic communication to make friends or find jobs, they show up.  Two first generation college women leave their tumultuous pasts behind and move to Florida’s capital city in search of new career opportunities.  Lynette Autry, on the brink of a new life, moves into the projects, registers for school, and finds a job bartending at the airport. Balancing it all drives her to despondency, until a late-night serendipitous meeting with nurse and pre-med student, Marie Martinez, whose friendliness is contagious. Youthful follies ensue.  Marie falls prey to a too-good-for-true-opportunity. And together with Dillan, a piano playing aircraft mechanic and Fr. Juan, a Catholic parish diaconate, they become part of the spirit of a larger community, where adversity changes to resilience. And helping each other, laughter, love, and self-acceptance prevail.


This near-miss story is a testimony to the idiom, If you can’t be good, be careful. And to the cultures of college, new adults, airlines, restaurants, bars, drugs, survivors, educators, dissentients, nonconformists, scamming, females, individuality, 80’s pop, disabled learners, Catholics, Latinos, Caucasians, Liberals, and to the declaration of reinventing yourself.