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Two women tackle the challenges of earning, loving, and learning over two years on and off a college campus, alongside Reagan era news events so close they can feel the breezes, when a too-good-for-true opportunity could determine who gets educated and who gets exploited.


A mix of grit and vulnerability, Lynette Autry and Marie Martinez strike out on their own in Florida’s capital city to reinvent themselves, when a late-night serendipitous meeting sparks their unlikely friendship. Are their past choices indicative of their future? Or are their reckless lifestyles behind them? Guys and grades, sex and drugs, money and love. Will they find their way through it all?


A candidly insightful nonfiction narrative told with curiosity and understanding about the power of helping each other, Of School and Women is based on Marquis’ experiences during her early twenties from 1985-1987, when she lived at the Alumni Village housing project, attended Florida State University, and bartended at the Tallahassee Airport Lounge. 




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